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Tarblazer 21.1 and its sister race Tarblazer 10.0 are designed to provide a racing experience which facilitates and enables a personal best performance. Our races have been planned along flat well maintained roads, making it easier to settle into a steady running pace. The course itself enables runners to plan for distance based race paces and allows optimal plan achievement. We have provided for Nutrition & Hydration Stations at every kilometer ( although the norm is one every 2 Km ) : we hold to a simple belief, “When a Runner Needs, A Runner Must Get”. Volunteers are placed at most turns along the course to guide runners and ensure that they stay on course.

Tarblazer 21.1 has been admitted as a member of AIMS ( Association of International Marathons and Distance Races ). Mr. Michael Hughes, Race Director of the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon and an AIMS Certified Course Measurer came to India in May 2016 to personally measure and certify the course to AIMS standards. We are proud to carry the AIMS logo on our race certificates and hold true to the standards this represents.

We are happy to announce that Mr. Michael Hughes has agreed to take up the position of Race Director for our Tarblazer 21.1and Tarblazer 10.0 races. We are certain that this partnership will go a long way to elevating the standards of conduct of the races and make this a truly international experience for our runners.

Tarblazer 21.1 and Tarblazer 10.0 are being conducted under the aegis of the Mumbai Suburban District Athletics Association.

The Bandra Kurla Complex ( or BKC as it is more popularly known ) is a planned commercial complex in the suburbs of the Indian city of Mumbai. According to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, the complex is the first of a series of “growth centres” created to arrest further concentration of offices and commercial activities in South Mumbai. It is expected to de-congest southern Mumbai and seed new areas of planned commercial real estate in Mumbai
The complex was built on marshy land on the north side of Mahim Creek and is bound by the suburbs of Kurla in the east and Bandra in the west. Santacruz lies to its North. The city’s airport is located few kilometres to the north, allowing for a quick commute between the airport and the complex.

BKC houses a number of commercial buildings including the National Stock Exchange, National Business Centre, SEBI, NABARD Head Office, IL&FS, Asian Heart Institute, Dow Chemicals, ICICI Bank, Citibank, Dena Bank, Bank of Baroda, State Bank of India, Bank of India,Kotak Mahindra Bank,Bharat Diamond Bourse, Unit Trust of India, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, American School of Bombay & Fortune 500. It also is home to the Mumbai Cricket Association’s cricket ground and the United States Mumbai Consulate.

There are approximately 600,000 people working in various offices at BKC.

MMRDA was appointed as the “Special Planning Authority” for planning and developing the Bandra-Kurla complex in 1977. It covers 370 hectares of once low-lying land on either side of the Mithi river, Vakola Nalla and Mahim Creek. The area had poor surface drainage and was severely affected by pollution in the Mahim Creek. One of the important features of the channelisation of Mithi river and Vakola nalla was to improve water carrying capacity and reduce pollution. Mithi River for about 4.5 km. of its length from Mahim Causeway to C.S.T. Road Bridge and its tributary Vakola Nalla, for 2.5 km. of its length, have been channelised for an average 60 m. and 40 m. bed widths respectively, thereby improving the hydraulic features of these two important water courses in the BKC area.

The commercial development in BKC includes private and government offices (state and central), banks, wholesale establishments, etc. and will provide ultimately about 2,000,000 jobs in the area. The MMRDA has so far developed 19 hectares of marshy land in the ‘E’ Block where a number of office buildings have been constructed. These buildings together provide an office space of 174,000 square metres with a potential to accommodate 17,400 jobs. An Urban Plaza and Park named ‘CITY PARK’ has been developed on an area of about 22,500 square metres in this block.

Bandra Kurla Complex is easily accessible from most parts of Mumbai. It is very well connected by road, rail and the city bus, taxi and auto rickshaw services. Parking is well organised and not a problem, especially on Sunday Morning ( Race Day ).


Tarblazer 21.1

This Half Marathon race, will start from the R2 Ground at BKC, wind its way towards the Family Court, return to the Service Tax offices and come back along the main BKC central avenue towards Tata Indicom at the very end. At this point it goes behind Tata Indicom building and takes a winding route past several well known BKC landmarks ( including JIO Park ) and returns to the R2 Ground completing a loop of 10.55 kms.  Half Marathon Runners will do this loop twice to complete the distance of 21.1 Kms.

Tarblazer 10.0

This is the junior version of Tarblazer 21.1, to be run over 10 kms. Runners will be flagged off from the R2 Grounds and turn back in a loop at the 5 Km mark.


There are eight categories

Men Upto 40 Years Women Upto 40 Years
Men Above 41 Years and Up To 50 Years Women Above 41 Years and Up To 50 Years
Men Above 51 Years and Up To 60 Years Women Above 51 Years and Up To 60 Years
Men Above 61 Years and Above
Women Above 61 Years and Above

Registration Fee

Race Fee in INR
Half Marathon
10 Kms

NOTE : Taxes & Processing Fees additional as applicable.

Rules & Regulations


Winners’ Trophy

Winners' Trophy will be presented to the top three finishers overall in each race for male and female runners. Winners in every age category will be ranked by performance.

Finishers’ Medal

All runners who successfully complete Tarblazer 21.1, Tarblazer 10.0 will be awarded a Finishers’ Medal. This will be handed over immediately post the run. Finishers’ Medal will NOT be posted to individual runners.

Timing Certificates

Timing Certificates for all participants of Tarblazer 21.1 and Tarblazer 10.0 will be posted on the website ( within 21 days of race day.




Bib Collection



1. Applicants must submit their entries only via the application modes mentioned in this website. No individual/group is authorised to collect entries on behalf of the Event.

2. Information against all mandatory fields prefixed with ‘*’ on the entry form must be filled. Incomplete entries will be rejected.

3. An applicant must affix his/her latest coloured photograph on the application form (or attach a jpeg if registering online). The applicant’s face must be clearly visible in the photograph.

4. An entry form must be accompanied with the requisite fee. A form received without the correct fee or no fee will be rejected.

5. For entry acceptance, the entry form ‘Waiver’ must be signed. If the applicant is below the age of 18 years, his/her guardian must also sign the waiver and write his/her relation with the applicant on the form.

6. Group Entries: Group entries are NOT accepted. Please contact for any assistance in this matter.

7. All communication regarding acceptance of application, confirmation of registration and any details pertaining to the race will be sent only by email and/or SMS. Please ensure that a valid email id and mobile number are entered at the time of registration to avoid disappointment.

8. Entries not accepted: Participation in the event is subject to entry confirmation. Where your entry is not confirmed for any reason, the application fees paid by you will be refunded. The Organisers reserve the right to confirm or reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.

9. Cancellation / Amendment / Refund : we will honour all requests for cancellation / amendment / refund received prior to the midnight of 31st May 2018. Post this date such requests will not be processed.

10. Confirmed runner’s identity and proof of residence may be verified by a verification agency hired for validating the details provided by you in the form. Where any information and/or any document provided by an applicant/runner at any point in time is found to be incorrect, participation of the said runner shall be withheld/disqualified and there will be no refund of application fees paid by the runner. All benefits accruing to the said runner as a participant of Tarblazer 21.1 or Tarblazer 10.0, shall stand forfeited.

11. Running Bib Collection at the Expo:
a.All confirmed participants / their authorised representatives are required to come to the Tarblazer 21.1 Expo in Mumbai in order to collect their running number bib. No running number bib will be posted to individual mailing addresses.
b. Outstation and overseas participants can collect their running number bibs on the date and day announce for this purpose.
c.It is mandatory for a Tarblazer 21.1 and Tarblazer 10.0 participant to collect his/her running number bib and timing bib tag personally from the Expo. In case of unavoidable circumstances , a runner can send his/her representative to collect running number bib on his/her behalf. The authorised representative must carry a copy of the email of confirmation, a copy of the participant's photo ID and a letter authorising the representative to collect the running number bib and timing bib tag.
d. The Authorised Representative must carry a copy of the email of confirmation, a copy of the participant’s photo ID and a letter of authorisation duly signed by the participant.

12. Race Day images of all participants will be visually screened after the race and if any participant is found not wearing the running number allotted or wearing any other running number then the participant to whom the bib number has been allotted will be debarred from taking part in subsequent editions of the race.

13. The application form and right to participate in the event and the rights and benefits available to the applicant under this application form is at the sole discretion of the event Promoters, and cannot be transferred to any other person under any circumstances. The actual applicant shall alone be entitled to the rights and benefits arising out of such confirmation of participation.

14. The Organisers reserve the right to make changes, amend , alter, add to or revise any or all of these rules & regulations at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever.

1. You are to participate only in the race category for which you had applied and for which your entry has been confirmed. Your entry and running number bib is not transferable to any other person under any circumstance.

2. Runners found to have interchanged their running number bib and/or timing bib tag with another individual, will be disqualified from the Event and shall not be allowed to apply or participate in the subsequent edition of the Event.

3. Event Promoters reserve the right to disqualify or exclude any person from competition who gives incorrect personal data/details on the entry form, who has been banned from competition under IAAF jurisdiction, or who is suspected of having taken banned substances.No refund of entry fee will be made.

4. No result or certificate will be given to runners of the Tarblazer 21.1 or Tarblazer 10.0, who do not start their run at the respective start times of the race categories they have been confirmed in .

5. Please note if you don’t wear your timing bib tag as instructed, you won’t be able to get an official finish time and thereby the official Certificate recording your finish times. No bib tag – No Timing – No Prize.

6. Prizes are applicable only for the Tarblazer 21.1 and Tarblazer 10.0 categories, as specified.

7. No wheeled vehicles are allowed on the course. Anyone bringing wheeled vehicles will be disqualified from the race; you will be asked to leave the course.

8. Participants are not allowed to run with unregistered runners or with babies/children who are under aged for the designated category.

9. There will be specific finish cut-off timings for each category intimated to runners closer to race day. Runners failing to finish their race/run within such timings will be declared as “Did Not Finish” ( DNF ).

10. Only those confirmed participants wearing the current running number bibs will be allowed on the route. Any person found wearing the incorrect bib or no bib will be disqualified and removed by the course security.

11. Further, every runner must wear his/her running number bib on the front of the vest worn. Any mutilation, fold, alteration or damage to the bib will amount to disqualification of the runner from the event.

12. Organizers reserve the right to stop any participant from participating who is found medically unfit to continue in the opinion of the medical personnel.

13. Baggage counters are available only for all participants. For security reasons, participants are requested to come without any baggage. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave valuables like mobile phone, camera, jewellery, watch, electronic gadgets, the bag stored. Organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage of baggage and/or its belongings.

14. Participants are requested to cooperate with the police and security personnel deputed at the event venue and on route.Participants/supporters are liable to random checking on race day– this is for your own security.

15. Photographs taken of runners during the Tarblazer Expo and on race day may be used for the purpose of promoting the event.


Anybody above the age of 18 years can participate in the races. All participants must be in good health and without any pre existing condition that will inhibit , endanger or otherwise prevent a person from taking part in an marathon event. All participants will be required to sign a medical disclaimer and fill in a medical profiler as part of the registration process.
You can register through our website or visit Our online registration has been facilitated through Townscript. For all queries and assistance on registration please contact
All participants who successfully complete the Tarblazer 21.1 or Tarblazer 10.0 will be eligible to receive a Finisher’s Medal and a Timing Certificate. The Finisher’s Medal will be handed out immediately post completion of the race on Race Day. The Timing Certificate will be made available on the event website ( within 21 days of Race Day.








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