Module A: Digital Marketing & Communication

SPORTMAN will provide the following services / support:

  1. Identity Creation ( name, logo, positioning, brand colours )
  2. Advise on website creation including Site Map, Wire Frame and general look and feel. NOTE : Website development would be through an independent Vendor to be sourced separately.
  3. Content Development for the website in collaboration with the Client
  4. Design of Facebook Page
  5. Design of Race Announcement ( print, email, FB, WA )
  6. Design of Posters, Flyers as required
  7. Design of Emails, FB Posts, WA posts as required
  8. Design of print media advertisements as required
  9. Design of OOH Media like hoardings, in store promotion, as / if required
  10. Design of Promotional Tee Shirt / Other items, Race Tee Shirt, Cap, Medals, Trophies, Felicitation Plaques, Bibs,Goodie Bag and Timing Certificates
  11. Design of all Signage required on Race Day


NOTE : SPORTMAN will provide artwork as normally required for the actual production of material, however, SPORTMAN will not be responsible or liable for quality of production or manufacture of any such material for any reason whatsoever.

Module B : Race Planning

SPORTMAN will provide the following services to assist with Race Planning:

  1. Race Route Mapping and Detailing of Services along the route
  2. Creation of Route Map
  3. Event Budget Preparation
  4. Event Flow Plan listing actions, responsibilities and timelines
  5. Holding Area and Start / Finish Area Layout Design
  6. Assist with finalisation of Registration and Back End Support Vendor
  7. Set up Race Registration Form and Terms & Conditions document
  8. Design of Offline Registration Form and Process
  9. Monitor Participant Registration and advise on Communication needs
  10. Recommend purchase / hire of relevant database(s) as may become necessary for email and / or SMS communication
  11. Assist with finalisation of Timing Solutions Vendor
  12. Liaising with Timing Solution Vendor for finalising an appropriate timing solution
  13. Specifying the minimum requirement of Medical Support for the Race event.
  14. Assist with tie up of Medical Partner. This would include discussions with the Medical Partner on Race Day requirements and preparation
  15. Facilitate tie up with Sports Drink Manufacturer for hydration requirements on race day
  16. Facilitate tie up with Mineral Water Manufacturer for Race Day requirements
  17. Facilitate discussions and tie up with Caterer(s) for hot breakfast to be served on Race Day
  18. Assistance with logistic planning at site for Caterer to function effectively
  19. Assist with specifying requirement of Volunteers with deployment and duties
  20. Assist with requirement of Route Setup including positioning of cones, barriers, signage
  21. Design and specify BIB numbering system to the Technical Support Partner. Audit BIB numbering and clear for production of Bibs. Liaise with Timing Solutions Vendor to ensure that BIBs are produced correctly as per requirement. Provide for spare bibs per race category.
  22. Assist with identification of deserving , economically disadvantaged Athletes to facilitate their participation in the race(s)
  23. Facilitate tie up with Photography Team as required for adequate coverage of The Race Event for still and video photography.
  24. Advise on Prizes, Trophies and other Awards
  25. Advise on posting and announcing of results and timing certificates
  26. Advise on Post Race Survey and collating of feedback

SPORTMAN will be known and identified as the “Race Event Manager or Consultant” ( as the case may be), and shall function solely in this capacity, subject to the actual services awarded to SPORTMAN as part of the consultancy agreement.

The SPORTMAN identity ( logo ) will be featured on all event related collateral & communication including but not restricted to website, Facebook page, posters, emails, banners, signage, tee shirts, bibs and so on. There will be no reduction in fees or any separate charge or compensation sought from SPORTMAN and Innosearch Consultants for this purpose.


SPORTMAN is not responsible for the number of participant registrations achieved by any means whatsoever. All marketing is done on a best effort basis and no specific responsibility or liability attaches to SPORTMAN on this account.


SPORTMAN is appointed to act on its behalf only as Consultant or Manager to the Race event. The Race Organiser / Event Owner agrees to indemnify SPORTMAN, its Ownership, Employees, Associates and Innosearch Consultants from any and all liability arising out of and in the course of the planning, production, execution and management of the Race event. The Owners of the Race event, be solely responsible and liable in any and every situation and no liability shall attach to SPORTMAN.