The desire to “Ideate # Create # Detail # Build“ is at the heart of any new development. If this process turns you on, you’re a Creator.

If there’s a sphere of activity that you truly enjoy – it could be anything – robotics, neurosurgery, cooking, music, fashion design or sports – if it’s something that occupies your mind in preference to other pursuits – you’ve probably found your calling.

SPORTMAN was born from both these spaces. The Intense Desire to Create and a Love for Sports.

When you see or hear the word SPORTMAN, you would probably think of

a. Sports Management

b. Sportsman

c. Sportsman Spirit

To my mind, it’s “all of the above” ! Also from a branding perspective, the word SPORTMAN creates a bit of a niggling feeling, of something left out. You want to say “Sportsman”, but the word is “SPORTMAN”. A bit like “HIDESIGN” ?


We are a Team that Designs Produces and Manages Sports Events.

Our first message announcing the birth of SPORTMAN, said “Expect the Different”. The accompanying visual was one of Pele’s iconic and world famous “bicycle kick”. Pele played great football. But when he was in the air, on his back, to intercept a pass and reverse scissor the ball into the goal, it changed the way the world saw and understood football. Airborne football ?? WOW !!


So what are we saying here ? Do we want to be Pele in the world of sporting events ? I think, YES. SPORTMAN should truly and consistently

1. Redefine Existing Paradigms
2. Create Great Sporting Experiences
3. Pamper Sportspersons
4. Be Unique, Quirky and Refreshing


We will Examine and Understand every Sport that we choose to involve in from the perspectives of Event Organisers and Participating Sportspersons.

We must understand both pain and pleasure points and factor these into our planning.

Seek to elevate existing standards and norms, either by raising the bar or by differently defining the key elements of a sport. In this process, we will contribute to the sport itself.

Dream Big. Do not allow vision to be compromised by consideration of cost.

Create great marketing campaigns. We will do this by intuitively responding to stated and felt needs and desires of Sportspersons.

Plan in exhaustive detail. Create templates and tools for measurement. Revisit detail. Refine our tools.

Sell with aggression and enthusiasm. Build Friendships not just create relationships.

Focus strongly on pre event set up, logistics and training. Train, rehearse.

Deliver with passion. Our object should be to win hearts. Reach out, respond swiftly and serve unhesitatingly.

Be Profitable. Do not be irresponsible about cost.

Strengthen to Grow. Grow from Strength.